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How to Become a World Champion, a short and funny video from Abshum with WGM Qiyu Zhou:

17 – How to Become a World Champion
Actors: Qiyu Zhou, Anne-Carolyne Binette, Omar Tehsin Asghar, Florence Larouche, Eliane Larouche, Pierre Robert Groulx, Vicki Mavraganis, Thierry Libersan, Mardy Men, Cindy Bertinato and Rock Bosquet

Release date: October 20, 2016 (Interview) and March-August 2017 (Mini-clips)
Duration: 15 minutes
Views: 12,900 (all sites)
Description: Do you want to be a world champion?

Qiyu Zhou is a Canadian chess player who holds the FIDE title of Woman Grand Master (WGM), the very first Canadian woman to achieve this!.

Qiyu Zhou provides you with 28 tips presented in a series of funny short clips that will help you become a World Champion!!! (or not!)...

Titles of the mini-sketches:
1- Play with the best
2- Remember all the chess moves
3- Rest well before the game
4- Bring water and eat good food
5- Find a good partner to practice
6- Don’t abuse alcohol
7- Check out how your opponents are playing
8- Shake hands before and after the games
9- Keep your composure and stay mentally tough
10- Figure out your opponent quickly
11- Don’t be intimidated
12- Stay awake during the game
13- Manage the clock
14- Surprise your opponent
15- Look elsewhere than where you want to play
16- Think strategically about your next move
17- Offer a draw at a strategic time
18- Avoid negative thinking
19- Take out the right knight
20- Play one opponent at a time
21- Small plays make a big difference
22- Take good notes
23- Never accept a draw when winning
24- Work on your poker face
25- Don’t listen to stupid advice
26- Avoid early celebrations
27- Celebrate your victories
28- Watch this video often

Many thanks to Martin Bruyere, Laszlo Szijarto, Josee Forget, Daniel Calsivi, Thierry Libersan, Martin Paquette, Pierre Robert Groulx, Kate Shumakova, Narom Singh, Nicole Reynolds, Andrie Nel, Jake Urquhart, Thierry Vicente and many others for their great work!

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Here's the interview with WGM Qiyu Zhou:

How to become a world champion - Poster

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