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Beautiful Natasha's Show is a funny Abshum skit about a TV show going a little wrong...

5 – Beautiful Natasha's Show
Actors: Kristin Delcellier, Nicolas Dubus, Martine Berthiaume and Hace Mess

Release date: September 12, 2012
Duration: 2:35
Views: 15,100 (all sites)
Description: Natasha, a very amateur actress, is recruited to play in a new show with an evocative name. The male role is played by Martin, a poor actor who is only interested in having fun with Natasha.

After countless wacky warnings to the public, the action begins with our fake actors, but soon something goes wrong...

The very talented model, singer and actress, Kristin Delcellier, plays Natasha, while Martin is played by the versatile Nicolas Dubus. Martine Berthiaume (The Good Judge) plays the role of the memorable director, while experienced actor Hace Mess takes on the role of Patrick, the lousy guy.

Actors Nicolas Dubus, Kristin Delcellier, Hace Mess and Martine Berthiaume... Kristin Delcellier playing the role of Natasha... Kristin Delcellier and Nicolas Dubus in Beautiful Natasha's Show

Many thanks to Mathieu Bissonnette-Bigras, Allen Roulston, David Gagne (Neatworks), Martin Bruyere (co-founder of Actum Imago) and others for their great work!

Hashtags: #funny #comedy #abshum

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