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Cheap and Ugly Arts is a short funny video from Abshum.

12 – Cheap and Ugly Arts
Actors: Natasha Jette, Kristin Delcellier, Pierre Sicard, Martine Berthiaume, Patricia Rheault, Mardy Men, Jerry Pedro, Augustin Mangala, Maddalena Iannitti, Pat Iannitti, Tiffany York-Thompson and David Friend

Release date: September 9, 2013
Duration: 3:34
Views: 5,600 (all sites)
Description: Parody of the Lezarts Outaouais TV program, with Marie-Eve Soucy. The host interviews some local artists whose supposedly great talent is particularly doubtful.

Poster of Cheap and Ugly Arts

Kristin Delcellier and Pierre Sicard while filming Cheap and Ugly Arts... Many actors while filming Cheap and Ugly Arts... Lynda Brunet and the Farts Machines while filming Cheap and Ugly Arts... Patricia Rheault in the role of Lynda Brunet, singer... Kristin Delcellier and Natasha Jette while filming Cheap and Ugly Arts...

Many thanks to Allen Roulston, Norah Seed, Yves Elou Legare, Laszlo Szijarto, Harris Nielsen, Jessica Martineau, Karine Larocque-Martineau, Louis Bergogne and others for their great work!

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