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Playing an extra is a series of short, funny sketches about movie extras who don't know what they're doing...

7 – Playing an Extra
Actors: Martine Berthiaume, Patricia Rheault, Eric Baril, Nicolas Dubus, Kristin Delcellier, Sophie Brunet, Mardy Men, Steve Pereira, Jaime Alberto and Melissa Presz

Release date: September 12, 2012
Duration: 10:32
Views: 8,100 (all sites)
Description: This is the only DVD to learn all about how to be a movie extra in films, made by losers who have never been able to get a role.

The DVD, a bargain at $2000, tells you in 17 easy steps the tricks of the best extras of the world, none of which you ever heard of.

During shooting of a major film, Rona explains the core functions of background performing, such as walking, eating, and doing nothing. Unfortunately, the extras, who do not have experience in the field, commit blunders and gaffes.

Undeterred, Rona has more tricks up her sleeve to subdue this motley crew. But the situation does not improve when the main actors, snobbish and irreverent, arrive on set.

The large cast includes Martine Berthiaume, known for her role in The Good Judge, Patricia Rheault who draws upon her theatrical experience, Eric Baril, an experienced actor who shines playing ... an experienced actor. The extras are played by the very funny Nicolas Dubus, Kristin Delcellier, Sophie Brunet, Mardy Men, Steve Pereira, Jaime Alberto and Melissa Presz.

Eric Baril and Patricia Rheault playing snob actors... Patricia Rheault is getting ready for the beach scene Rona, the welcoming extra wrangler... Nicolas Dubus with Kristin Delcellier Kristin Delcellier, the extra number 4 Sophie Brunet in the role of the extra number 5 Actress Patricia Rheault at the restaurant... Melissa Presz Steve Pereira, background performer Nicolas Dubus, extra number 3 Actors Eric Baril et Patricia Rheault... Mardy Men in action... Actress 1 is in an unusual position The not yet legendary extra number 8 They will go through the full range of emotions... Some of the actors and crew...

Titles of the mini-sketches:
1- Be on time and bring all your things
2- Read it and sign it now!
3- Change according to local standards
4- Hair and make-up
5- Nothing
6- Psychological preparation
7- Follow the instructions!
8- Never look at the camera
9- Never disrupt the actors
10- Never talk
11- Dance without music
12- Eat after the actors
13- Act natural!
14- Never ask when the filming will be done!
15- When we say FREEZE, you must stop moving and stay in place until further notice
16- Learn the tricks of the trade
17- Do not leave too soon!

Actors of Play an Extra from Abshum... Eric Baril, Kristin Delcellier, Patricia Rheault, Jaime Alberto, Martine Berthiaume, Sophie Brunet, Nicolas Dubus, Mardy Men, Steve Pereira and Melissa Presz! - Pictures by Eric Baril, Melissa Presz, montage by Eric Baril

Many thanks to Mathieu Bissonnette-Bigras, Allen Roulston, David Gagne (Neatworks), Martin Bruyere (co-founder of Actum Imago) and others for their great work!

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