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Paris' Noisy Neighbours is a short comedy sketch about neighbours with different views...

6 – Paris' Noisy Neighbours
Actors: Patricia Rheault, Nicolas Dubus and Kristin Delcellier

Release date: September 12, 2012
Duration: 2:03
Views: 5,900 (all sites)
Description: The awkward Paris intercepts her young neighbour Dominic in the hallway leading to their apartments. Paris is outraged by the noises at night which prevent her from sleeping. Dominic does not understand and the arrival of his future wife Kim does not solve the problem.

What can you do? Couples have every right to have fun in their homes at night.

Paris is played by actress Patricia Rheault who has had many successes during her long career in theater, while Dominic is played by a brilliant Nicolas Dubus and Kristin Delcellier plays to perfection the role of Kim.

Patricia Rheault is Paris... Nicolas Dubus is Dominic... Patricia Rheault, Kristin Delcellier and Nicolas Dubus in Paris' Noisy Neighbours

Many thanks to Mathieu Bissonnette-Bigras, Allen Roulston, Martine Berthiaume, David Gagne (Neatworks), Martin Bruyere (co-founder of Actum Imago) and others for their great work!

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