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The New Barmaid is a new short comedy sketch starring the character of Lynda Brunet...

8 – The New Barmaid
Actors: Patricia Rheault, Pierre Sicard, Marc-Etienne Bibeau-Picard, Natasha Jette, Evan Kris Ciunas, Christine Lachance, Bianca Paquette, Ian Renaud, Augustin Mangala and Anne-Marie Patrice

Release date: October 23, 2012
Duration: 4:04
Views: 10,500 (all sites)
Description: Life is good at the bar Piz'za-za until a new barmaid, Lynda, made its appearance. The new employee is not very comfortable in her new job and commits numerous gaffes. The situation is further complicated when she starts to use her English, particularly lacking.

The video features the Outaouais rising star actress Patricia Rheault (Play an Extra), who reveals all her talents in the role of Lynda, the new barmaid. Veteran actor Pierre Sicard plays Dick, a bar patron. The large cast also includes for the first time the young and talented Marc Bibeau-Etienne Picard, in the role of PAPE and Natasha Jette (Death Rally), Kris Evan Ciunas, Christine Lachance, who returned from the United States and Bianca Paquette in a masterful performance. The extras are Ian Renaud, Augustin Mangala and Anne-Marie Patrice.

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Actors of The New Barmaid... Marc-Etienne Bibeau-Picard and Patricia Rheault Evan Kris Ciunas, Pierre Sicard and Christine Lachance... Actors and Extras of The New Barmaid...

Many thanks to Brett Delmage, Allen Roulston, Mireille Leblanc, Vanessa Dagenais-Martel, Chanel De Repentigny-Gamache and others for their great work!

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