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The Best Show in Town is a short funny video from Abshum –now available with English captions!

3 – The Best Show in Town
Actors: Marcel Boulianne and Emilie Martel

Release date: September 20, 2011
Duration: 5:33 minutes
Views: 15,800 (all sites)
Description: In Quebec, we have about 1000 shows that claim to be the best in town. Here is another. An eccentric community television host has a very unpopular show. He is assisted by a team of ... one single person, Stella.

The popular actress Emilie Martel (TV host in real life) acts as a television technician who would rather end up in front of the camera instead of behind it. Her interruptions disrupt the very spirited Fred (played by the excellent Marcel Boulianne), who hosts – very seriously – a very funny show.

Marcel Boulianne and Emilie Martel pratice with emotion... The fetish objects of the sketch! Without comments...

Actress Natasha Jette directed the video...

Natasha Jette

Many thanks to Allison Flowers, Jamie Myland, Martin Paquette, Harris Nielsen and others for their great work!

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