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The Good Judge is a short funny video from Abshum –now available with English captions!

4 – The Good Judge
Actors: Alan Viau, Martine Berthiaume, Melodie Courval, Marc-Andre Blondin and Emilie Martel

Release date: September 21, 2011
Duration: 5:44 minutes
Views: 11,300 (all sites)
Description: A judge tries to determine whether a film is too racy and illegal to be shown! What a thankless job!

Perfect for the serious role of the judge, Alan Viau, who says stupid things, who also impressed everyone in various roles, shows off his full range of talents in the role of the good judge. The prosecutor is played by the rising theater star Martine Berthiaume. She faces three defendants: Sarah (played by the talented Melodie Courval), Paul (the comical Marc-Andre Blondin) and Erica (played by the hilarious Emilie Martel).

The 3 suspects... Martine Berthiaume in the role of the prosecutor! The judge is responsible to severely punish the accused ... The prosecutor is in charge of the only male accused ...

Actress Natasha Jette directed the video...

Natasha Jette

Many thanks to Allison Flowers, Jamie Myland, Martin Paquette and others for their great work!

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