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The Debate Center is a short funny video from Abshum -now available with English captions!

1 – The Debate Center
Actors: Marcel Boulianne, Melodie Courval and Marc-Andre Blondin

Release date: September 14, 2011
Duration: 4:17 minutes
Views: 14,200 (all sites)
Description: Quebec is the epicentre of unnecessary debates. Talk shows are everywhere; when we are not watching one, we debate with our children, parents or spouses. In the sketch, Jean decides to improve his debating skills by buying a lesson with a professional in this field, Alice: beautiful, but ferocious.

The skit features Marcel Boulianne, the same man who played the very funny wrestling referee in Family Biz. Melodie Courval (a graduate of the Theatre of Ottawa and played the role of Sophie in the short film Polar Bear Love - winner of prestigious awards), plays the role of the debate expert. Marc-Andre Blondin, the Markalou theater featured comedian, plays the role of the clerk, a certain Tom...

Marc-Andre Blondin is ready... Melodie Courval is getting ready... The dynamic trio

Actress Natasha Jette directed the video...

Natasha Jette

Many thanks to Allison Flowers, Jamie Myland, Martin Paquette, Harris Nielsen and others for their great work!

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