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The Interrogation is a short funny video from Abshum –now available with English captions!

2 – The Interrogation
Actors: Marcel Boulianne, Marc-Andre Blondin and Melodie Courval

Release date: September 19, 2011
Duration: 8:46 minutes
Views: 16,500 (all sites)
Description: Benoit, a senior police officer, interrogates Roger about a murder. Roger must tell the truth, but he refuses. Benoit is sly and uses the special talents of the new policewoman, Manon, to question the suspect who has unpredictable responses.

The comedy veteran Marc-Andre Blondin (star of the theater Markalou) plays the role of a not-so-savvy suspect interrogated by a police officer (played by the always funny Marcel Boulianne) who has strange unconventional techniques and who is helped by a new recruit (rising star Melodie Courval), whose beauty is inversely proportional to her intelligence.

Police has a new rookie... Finger Up! Who will win?

Actress Natasha Jette directed the video...

Natasha Jette

Many thanks to Allison Flowers, Jamie Myland, Martin Paquette, Harris Nielsen and others for their great work!

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