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Bye Bye Airbo is a parody, made by Abshum, of the popular group Rock et Belles Oreilles (RBO).

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14 – Bye Bye Airbo
Actors: Benoit Lorrain, Shawn Miller, Francois Quirion, Natasha Jette, Pavel Lubanski, Jonathan Lancop and Ian Renaud

Release date: November 25, 2014
Duration: 4:32
Views: 3,800 (all sites)
Description: Guy-Mic National presents this humorous parody of the group Rock et Belles Oreilles (RBO), which was the most popular group of its kind in Quebec over the last 30 years.

The actors are shown in their glory years (between 1986 and 1990). The group included Bruno Landry who often played the role of Chef Groleau, the most disgusting cook the world has ever known. There was also the incomparable mimic Yves P. Pelletier; Andre Ducharme, known for his hilarious songs and strange musical tastes, and Guy A. Lepage, the leader of the group, although he said there was none. The group also included Chantal Francke, whose elastic repertoire was strongly put to work and the popular Richard Z. Sirois, the former host / presenter of the group.

It is the excellent actor Shawn Miller who has the honor of playing the role of Richard Z. Sirois, while Yves Pelletier is played by the extraordinary Jonathan Lancop. Benoit Lorrain shines in his portrayal of Andre Ducharme and Francois Quirion shows us his talent with his imitation of the inimitable Guy A. Lepage. Natasha Jette perfectly parodies Chantal Franke while Pavel Lubanski masterfully plays Bruno Landry.

AIRBO Tzar Zizi-Roi
AIRBO Yogi A. Lecave
AIRBO Crystal Banque
AIRBO Pruno Amoindris
AIRBO Roger G. Pasdecharme
AIRBO Steve P. Va-Nu-Pieds
Picture of the popular group AIRBO...
The most popular funnymen group of the last 30 years...
Jonathan Lancop, Francois Quirion, Natasha Jette, Benoit Lorrain and Pavel Lubanski......

Many thanks to Randy Smith, Ahmed Alaa Hafez, David Friend, Andre Brynkus, Mardy Men, Pascal Laramee, Madeleine Martel, Melanie Boucher (Freak Fx), Annie Lefebvre, Laszlo Szijarto, Martin Paquette and many others for their great work!

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